Garden Grill – Lunch

Futureworld – Epcot



Garden Grill lunch is an “all you can eat” meal with characters located at the The Land pavillion in Epcot’s Futureworld West side. The characters include Mickey dressed in farm gear, Pluto and our favs Chip and Dale. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner here.

We had lunch on this particular day. The salad was good but we were somewhat disappointed this visit. We are not sausage fans and the meat was somewhat tough which pretty much left turkey and stuffing which needed tons of sauce because they too were very dry.

Absent was some type of dish relating to the waters otherwise known as fish (I guess I was one of those “rare” diners who actually liked the catfish) but replaced with sausage? This was a real deal breaker for me and if I would have realized these changes prior we may have skipped it this time around. And no fresh “signature” veggie other than broccoli which you can pretty much get at any other restaurant? The mashed potatoes and sweet potato fries were good as was the mac n cheese. Overall though it seemed skimpy and well… not so fresh.

This was the first time we were ever displeased with this establishment and for the ever so sky-rocketing pricing even at lunch, it is not calling us to come back anytime soon I’m afraid. It did at least end on a nice note. We are chocoholics and the server was kind enough to bring some of their “celebration” desserts rather than the strawberry thingy they normally have. That was a nice piece of chocolate mousse cake topped with festive Mickey Mouse sprinkles, now that I enjoyed but salad, potatoes, mac n cheese and chocolate cake for about $40 per person, I don’t think so. I think we may try breakfast next time around  because we do love the characters and the interaction with them here, but looks like our lunch/dinner plans will be put on hold at least until the next menu change.