La Hacienda de San Angel

Mexico - World Showcase - Waterside - Dinner

Checked in a little early for our 7:30 dinner reservation. Although they attempted to seat us right away they wanted to squish us in a back corner booth right next to a family where the kids were jumping up and down on the bench seat that we would be sharing- I asked the hostess if there was another table available in the other rooms which are fairly massive. I told her we would wait if needed but then she gave me an attitude. She said it would take at least another 45 minutes which was much longer than I anticipated especially since our reservation time was 5 minutes away? I asked her to check with the manager or any "other" personnel in charge of seating. Wasn't exactly the warm and fuzzy greeting we have so come to enjoy at a typical Disney we followed her back to the host stand and within 30 seconds we were off to another table.

This time we were seated in the first main room next to another large party in the corner but it was a party of adults that were relaxing in their seats. I would have much preferred the large dining area that has huge windows facing the World Showcase lagoon. But we had a view of the wall but we just settled for this spot because at least it was relaxing.

After getting off on the wrong foot with the hostess it took quite some time for our server to stop by the table to greet us. At this point if there was another dinner option other than waiting in a long quick service line we were getting close to making that choice. After about 10 minutes we were finally greeted by our server who was actually very nice but definitely very busy and seemed to be in a rush when he waited on us.

I started with one of their signature margaritas, the La Cava Avocado Margarita with their 100% Agave Tequila Blanco, melon liqueur, avocado (of course), agave nectar and fresh lime juice. This was the bomb, oh I could have drank 2 or 3 of these! I know avocado, you say, but it was very smooth, creamy and refreshing. The flavors of this frozen masterpiece worked so well together.

Instead of ordering a meal I decided to go with a salad and an appetizer. My daughter couldn't find anything to appeal to her picky taste so she checked out the kids menu.

I ordered the Ensalada de La Hacienda which is made with fresh spinach, queso fresco, tomatoes, pomegranate, pine nuts and avocado topped with mustard vinaigrette dressing with the dressing on the side. The salad was a good sized portion. It was topped with a generous amount of avocado and queso fresco. The vinaigrette had a nice tang and was perfect with this salad. However I didn't care all that much for the pomegranates as I thought they might add a sweetness like cranberries would, they were too sweet and had a weird crunch.

For the appetizer, I ordered the Pork Empanadas which are corn dough empanadas stuffed with pork and black beans and topped with mole sauce, but asked for the sauce on the side. It came topped with sprouts which I am not a fan of and wish it would have been listed on the menu but these were easily removed since the sauce was on the side. These were quite good and I could have probably eaten another order of them (LOL) but with the salad it was a perfect amount. The dough is light and airy with a little crispness. The pork filling was delicious, not spicy but very flavorful.

My daughter decided to order from the kids menu even though she is a young adult;) There is still a lot of pickiness involved with her palette. She is also very sensitive to certain peppers so she cannot eat spicy foods. I know what you're thinking, why would we go to a Mexican restaurant if you don't like spicy? Well it is sometimes challenging but doable and there are still lots of non-spicy choices in the Mexican food genre.

She ordered the Cheese quesadillas from kids menu which encompassed 2 small flour tortillas stuffed with a light coating of Monterey Jack Cheese served with Mexican rice and green beans. Definitely made to order as you can tell the veggies were fresh and the rice had some small veggies mixed in. The "quesadillas" were more like folded tortillas with a little melted cheese. I told her it was a kids portion (hence ordered from the kid's menu) so it was definitely a small portion or appetizer sized portion. We have been spoiled by Paradiso 37 and their hefty sized appetizer portion of quesadillas that definitely knock these wimpy guys out of the ballpark.

Overall it was an "ok" meal for us. I was a little disappointed as we have read rave reviews on this restaurant. The food was pretty good but not fabulous. We actually prefer San Angel Inn or Paradiso 37 which probably pleases our palette more for the Mexican craving. I think if you order an entree and are seated in a more highly desirable area you will be fine. The margarita was probably the highlight of the dinner.