Be Our Guest – Dinner

Magic Kingdom

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We had an advanced reservation for Be Our Guest for dinner at 6:35 although we checked in early at 6:20. The hostess told me they were actually running 15 minutes behind. So we took it upon ourselves to take a look around so I could take some photos and we also figured it was a good time to meet The Beast since he barely had a line. We also checked out the area where the armor suits are. This a fun place as they talk and make funny sounds.

After about 30 minutes we were seated at a table for two in the back of the main room which was not a bad spot since we had our own space and many views of the lovely dessert cart as you will see from the photos above. It was the dividing area between the lobby and the main room so if the lobby gets crowded it may feel a little crammed with people standing almost over your table but this wasn’t the case. There is a divider there so it makes it feel a little more spacious. The other nice thing was being able to see the entire room with the huge windows which is such a beautiful view. The decor in this room is pretty amazing as it really picks up the ambience from the movie.

The table setting has a nice little touch with the napkins being shaped like roses. And the candle fit right in with the theme.

Our server was very friendly (more so than I can say about the greeting area around the hostess stand). He was very knowledgable about the wines as well as the food offerings. I started with a Pinot Gris that they actually make “in-house”. It had a nice touch of apricot and pear.

Next came the bread basket which was very simple but the rolls were fresh with a little crispiness to them.

They have a nice kid’s menu which includes selections for the pickiest of eaters (like my daughter) who is an adult but extremely funny about going outside her box of food options. She ordered the macaroni and cheese with broccoli which she was very happy with. The one issue I think she is realizing when she orders from the kid’s menu is that the portions are for kids (much younger than she is), so next time around she may have to double her order or go with 2 kid’s options.

I ordered the Braised Pork (Coq au Vin Style) at the recommendation of our server. It is slow-cooked pork roasted for 8 hours with mushrooms, onions, carrots, and bacon. It is served with pureed cauliflower and seasonal vegetables. It was delightful with it’s extremely tender texture and just the perfect level of flavor without being too saucy. The mashed cauliflower was a perfect accompaniment rather than just boring mashed potatoes.

The meal was paced just perfectly although we did see that dessert cart roll on by on several occasions! So of course I had to try something from it. I have had the chocolate cupcake in the past and honestly it does have a strange texture to it and doesn’t have the richness to it as you would expect it would.

Since it was dinner time, I had to try the Gray Stuff because it's supposed to be “delicious”…well we found it to be a little “weird” actually. We had mixed feelings about it as it seemed like a very moist cookie with a a brownie like texture finished with whipped cream. It is “light” which is probably not a bad thing but it just seemed rather “odd”. Not sure I’d order it again but I would definitely order the Braised Pork again.

All in all this was a very nice dinner. The food is good and the atmosphere is very unique and enjoyable especially if your a fan of “Beauty and the Beast” as we are. It is definitely our favorite “themed” restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. The wait was a little longer than expected being that we had reservations and they were not real friendly up front but we kept ourselves occupied looking around. So if you are pressed for time don’t make a dinner reservation here, but keep in mind this dinner experience is almost like a “light” attraction in itself.