The Plaza

This is a sit-down/table service restaurant which basically has an "all day" menu. They serve sandwiches and ice cream and they have a kid's menu. (they do not serve breakfast)

This is one of our favorite park restaurants. It is a very simple yet happy place to dine. We have lunch here a lot. There are about 8-9 items on their menu but enough to satisfy all different tastes.

The service is usually friendly and fun. Sometimes the Main Street characters make an appearance (the Mayor and her assistants).

Although in years past we have been able to walk up and put our name in and sit within 10-15 minutes but that has changed. We usually make a priority seating/advanced reservation even for lunch now as it seems to have gotten busier over the past few years especially with the additions of the Disney Dining Plans and free dining promotions so I do suggest making a reservation. You can always cancel;-)

On this particular day we had a later reservation around 3:00 and sat within about 10 minutes. We were seated in the greenhouse type room (lots of windows and light)...very nice, but really close to other guests. But since it was such a nice view (we could see the parade:-), we decided to stay here.

This is the Grilled Chicken Sandwich which is grilled chicken breast topped with a slice of ham and swiss cheese on a Kaiser bun with a side of home-made broccoli slaw.

This tasted very fresh. The chicken was tender and hot as were the toppings. The broccoli slaw was delicious and tasted like it was home-made. This was plenty filling for lunch. The roll was soft and fresh as well.

I started with the soup of the day which was a tomato bisque. Very creamy and delicious. The Vegetarian Sandwich is one of my favorites. With fresh sliced buffalo mozzarella, sliced red tomato, red pepper and cucumber it is a delightful treat. And the basil pesto just tops it off. I ask for it on the side so I can control the amount that goes on the fresh baked focaccia roll.

t is light but filling enough to go for the rest of the day. And with the broccoli slaw it's a complete meal. LOVE THIS!! YUMMY!

My daughter started with a side salad which has mixed greens, tomatoes and a side of thousand island dressing. She also ordered a Grilled Cheese sandwich from the kids menu. The server asked if she was really hungry and said they have a "double" grilled cheese sandwich which is an adult sized sandwich however they did charge us for a children's size which was very nice. She likes her grilled cheese sandwiches "lightly grilled" or "lightly done" and this was just perfect;-) They always seem to get it just right here;-)

It's very tough to go to the Plaza and not order their ice cream for dessert. They are located behind the Main Street Ice Cream Palor so they have access to the best ice cream "fix'ins" in the kingdom. 

On the left, we have the the 2 scoops of mint chocolate chip ice cream with hot fudge and whipped cream. There is a Plaza Sundae but there's even more to that! So you can pretty much order what you want;-) The

kid's menu has a 1 scoop sundae also with hot fudge and whipped topping and the cute little chocolate Mickey ears which is affectionately called the "Mickeylodeon".

This is the way to top off a lunch at the Plaza (or a dinner). Believe me you won't be hungry for a long time!

This restaurant has been at the Magic Kingdom for many years and is quaint, cute and cozy. I hope they don't plan to do any renovations here as this is a hidden gem we stumbled upon just a few years back after many visits to the Magic Kingdom. We didn't realize it was there! Now we pretty much try to go there almost every visit!