Beaches and Cream

Beach Club Resort

We decided to give it a go one afternoon during an off-season time (if there is such a time like that in Disney World anymore) to see if we could get seating here. It was a little after 4:00 pm, but even so it can still be quite a wait without an advanced reservation (yes, for those that don't know Beaches & Cream does take reservations, wasn't that long ago that they did not)... however on this afternoon, we lucked out and got seating within 5 minutes! There was even still counter seating and booth seating available. Our favorite is sitting at the counter, you get to see all of the goodies whipped up!

On this day I decided to try the grilled cheese and  tomato bisque soup combo with their "specialty-6-cheese" Grilled Cheese. Did I say that there are 6 cheeses in this particular grilled cheese, oh yes I did, so I was thinking it could be cheese overkill but that was ok... let me tell you-they have the best darnedest grilled cheese in Disney!! 

We do love to dine here so I put together a nice assortment of photos above from our various dining experiences.

Check out all of the dessert options above, you can't go wrong here if you like ice cream. The Kitchen Sink is their signature dessert and if that's too big for you then try the Mickey Pants' sundae which is a smaller version of the kitchen sink with a souvenir bowl. This is a must-do if you are staying at any of the Epcot resorts. They take reservations but they go quick but we have gotten in even without one. If you don't have a reservation I recommend going either during off peak dining hours or when you have time to spare. You can always take a stroll around the beautiful grounds of the Yacht & Beach Club Resort.