Contempo Cafe

Contemporary Resort - Lunch

We visited Contempo Cafe for a late lunch to escape the craziness of Magic Kingdom on our way back to Fort Wilderness. It wasn't all that busy but for quick service our order sure took a while.

We ordered the Chicken Alfredo Pasta and the Salmon Caesar Salad. After about 15 minutes our pager lit up and I went to pick it up. Definitely wasn't at the top of the list for best meals.

When we finally got our meals, the salmon was overcooked and very bland so I doused it with lots of caesar dressing. It didn't really help all that much. Another thing that would be really nice is if they could make the plastic container a little more "user" friendly. The lettuce is crammed in there and it makes it very difficult to cut up without it popping out all over so I asked for a paper plate.

The Chicken Alfredo Pasta suffered the same fate, way over cooked dried out chicken but the sauce was pretty good so we tried to mix it in with the sauce. It didn't really help it all that much. The alfredo sauce wasn't bad but tasted like something you could microwave and the pasta was definitely on the soggy side. The garlic breadstick was pretty good but after letting it sit too long it got hard so it most have nuked as well.

It was not the best experience and we probably won't be rushing back to this quick service again anytime soon.