Sassagoula Floatworks & Food Factory

Port Orleans - French Quarter - Food Court

This was our first stay at Port Orleans French Quarter. We have stayed at Riverside many times but thought we'd give French Quarter a try. Now we see why so many guests prefer French Quarter just a little more. Although we love the atmosphere in the Alligator Bayou section of Riverside it takes quite a while to get to your room in almost any building because Riverside is huge. There are 2 sections to it, the Bayou and the Mansions and with that being said one of those sections is still larger than the entire French Quarter Resort.

So, if you're staying at the Riverside Bayou or the Mansions, whether it be from the parking lot, the bus stop, the main pool or the main building where the food court is housed, even in a preferred room it is a bit of a haul. French Quarter however is much smaller and so much easier to navigate and your room in many cases is so much more accessible from some/all the areas I already mentioned. That being said, it definitely has a different ambience to it. There is only 1 pool for the whole resort (Riverside has several all around the property).

Now, you're probably wondering why I'm talking about the differences of the Port Orleans' "resorts" and why I haven't even touched on the food aspect of it? I'm about to get to that...because the food courts pretty much coincide with the size of the resort. Have been to Riverside Mill many times and in most instances especially during "peak" hours it's VERY busy.

However, Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory, well, not so much even during those peak times and like it's surrounding resort area, it is much more compact and easier to navigate but still has a wide variety of food items to choose from.

Our room was in the building right next to the food court and you wouldn't know it by the foot traffic or noise. It was just as quiet when we were tucked away in the Bayou section at Riverside. But what a convenience...unfortunately we were there for a quick stay but we still visited for a quick snack and for breakfast.

We entered from the outsider corner entrance which was just steps from our room. They did undergo some renovations recently so make sure you look up to see some of the fun decor that brighten the dining area. Lots of colors including some really cool colored wine bottles hanging from above along with huge glass fixtures that look like giant mardi gras necklaces.

My daughter had the pancakes and I just chose to pick up a bagel from their refrigerated morning pastry section which quickly turns into brownies and baked goods shortly after 11:00 am.

They have Mickey waffles, Belgian waffles as well as jumbo Mickey waffles. Lots of breakfast varieties from breakfast flatbread to breakfast po'boy and of course their ever famous Beignets...we had tried them on another occasion but unfortunately they were not made fresh and they weren't so good so we decided to skip them this time. You can probably still catch some of these it's a few minutes after 11:00 but they were pretty quick to start the lunch changeover.

The toasters and microwave made it convenient to heat up our quick breakfasts as with any other food court but they just seemed to much closer to our table and we didn't have to wait to use them.

During the afternoon we made a quick stop for some gelato which was very good by the way and I had to stop here from putting more scoops in the bowl because I knew I wouldn't (or didn't really want to) finish the 3 scoops she did put in there! My daughter got a chocolate chip cookie and I apologize that there is no photo for that because there was only 1/4 of left before we even got to the table.

For lunch and dinner, they also have quite the variety. Pizza, salad to Shrimp and Grits and so much more!

Next time we stay here (and there will be a next time), I think we'll try some lunch before we check in.