The Wave – Breakfast

(Buffet & A La Carte) - Contemporary Resort

The Wave is located at the lobby level of the Contemporary Resort. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served here and we have tried all 3 meals but I am going to talk about breakfast.

The Wave has an excellent dinner and it is easily accessible from the Magic Kingdom. You can hop on the resort monorail for one stop and you're at the Contemporary Resort and then you can head downstairs to The Wave OR you can even walk over from Magic Kingdom and be there in about 5-10 minutes (depending how quickly you walk).

When we first tried The Wave they had a regular breakfast menu with lots of nice healthy options that many of the other restaurants didn't have. This was one of the reasons why we started to eat at there to begin with and let me tell you breakfast didn't disappoint at all.

After a year or two they tested a buffet which was a wonderful addition to the breakfast buffet choices around the Disney World resort. The Wave does not have characters nor does it need to. (there's Chef Mickey's is right upstairs) The Wave offers a nice laid back beginning to your day. You can choose items from their regular menu or you can give lots of their menu items a try buy choosing the buffet.

The first time we ate here for breakfast we fell in love with their home made biscuits and they claim that they are made from scratch and they sure do taste like it! The buffet is also one of the best values on property. They are also known for their eco-friendly, healthier menu.

The breakfast buffet is in a wide room off of the kitchen area. It is decorated with a contemporary theme that flows through the entire restaurant. The long room makes it very accessible and easy to navigate.

When you walk in to the left of the buffet all of the main hot items are on the left side, then the pastries and breads, then the fruit and/or fruit cups and the cereals and toaster are on the right.

The hot food on this day consisted of silver dollar pancakes, traditional Mickey Waffles, eggs benedict and hash browns. Then there was a ham, mushroom and cheddar quiche, The Wave's breakfast potatoes, cheese grits with bacon and apple smoked bacon.

Sausage, scrambled eggs, steel cut oatmeal, turkey sausage and those "made from scratch biscuits" and they also have gravy for the biscuits were next. Then there are croissants, bagels and a variety of breakfast breads and loaves..and pastries with fillings and muffins.

This buffet pretty much covers the standard fare and then some, but it is much more unique than your standard breakfast buffet fare. For instance, the sauce that accompanies the eggs benedict is a key lime hollandaise sauce as opposed to just the basic hollandaise and it's delicious. The bacon is apple wood smoked bacon. They have a choice of pork sausage or the healthier option, turkey sausage.

The pancakes are usually sweet potato pancakes instead of those made with flour. And the there are their famous, cheese grits which are amazing. They are the best grits I have ever tasted. We were told these are also made from scratch with cream, cheese and applewood smoked bacon, they are such a treat!

I can't "RAVE" enough about the "WAVE"! This breakfast is tops! We also have been able to get in and out in 1/2 hr to 45 minutes at breakfast and waiting time for a table is minimal although we always make reservations.

We've never found it to be terribly crowded in the morning although I think the word has gotten out regarding this secret gem and it can be busy at certain times of the year. The service has always been friendly and top notch. If you're thinking about going you won't be disappointed, it is definitely one of the finest breakfasts you'll find on property...did I already say that? 😉