Sci-Fi Drive-In

Hollywood Studios - Dinner

This restaurant offers quite a unique experience. You enter a large room which is set up like an old time drive-in theater with old time cars and old time movies playing continuously throughout your meal.

The cars seat up to 6 people with room for 2 adults in each section. On this particular trip I sat upfront with my daughter and my husband sat behind us. There are some regular tables set up in the drive-in as well that almost resemble a picnic type set-up which is better to accommodate larger parties.

We have been here several times and the photos above are a compilation of those visits. Some of the food items (unfortunately) are not available anymore, like the BLT soup which happened to be one of my favorites. Seems that most of the good stuff has become a thing of the past just like the movie clips. So here goes…

On our most recent visit we had a reservation for a late dinner which was after the Star Wars fireworks. It was very busy with many walk-ins. We actually ended up waiting more than 30 minutes past our reservation time. We were less than thrilled because it seemed as though they were seating walk-ins ahead of us. One of the perks of having reservations is to be put ahead of the walk-ins but on this night that didn’t seem to be the case. By the time we were finally seated we were surprised to walk into a 1/2 empty restaurant.

After waiting for a while once we were seated we started with the Spinach and Artichoke Dip which is a blend of Monterey jack and parmesan cheeses with Spinach and Artichokes served with Corn Tortilla Chips. It was actually the highlight of the meal.

My daughter ordered the kids pizza and I ordered the Southwest Vegetarian Burger which is a black bean and vegetable patty topped with a warm tomato jam, arugula, fresh tomatoes. Avocado mayonnaise on a toasted bun finish the burger and I went with the sweet potato fries. It was average. It sounded so good but the burger was very dry and tasteless, need lots of that mayo but that was even bland. The fries were ok. Kids pizza was ok as well.

Food was very unimpressive especially after how long we waited. Love the set-up of this restaurant but the movie loop is getting VERY OLD. It is vintage for sure, but can’t they find some newer “vintage” style clips to show? Too cute of a theme to be so boring…needs an update and an upgrade to better food. Not returning anytime soon.