Disney Springs – The Landing


Paradiso 37 located in the Landings section of Disney Springs is a restaurant that’s menu is influenced by North, Central and South America. Some of their dishes even have a Mexican flare as well.

We have been to this establishment many times over the years so the photos will reflect some of the items from our past visits that still may be available.

Paradiso 37 reservations can be made through Disney Reservations and through Open Table.com. It’s a nice alternative because when you make a certain amount of reservations through this service you can eventually earn a gift certificate towards a food purchase at a restaurant that is signed up with their service. (nice perk)- plus there’s no credit card hold needed to make your reservation and the app makes it very convenient to make quick reservations or modifications. There are a few other restaurants in Disney Springs and on Disney property that you can make reservations with OpenTable.

On this night we checked in at our reservation time we were seated right away passing many people waiting out front.

It was pretty packed inside as well. We were taken to a seat in the back area where we were actually able to view fireworks from the other parks. 

Keep in mind Paradiso 37 is a very “lively” place to dine and drink so it can be rather loud. If you’re looking for a quiet place to dine this is NOT it!

Our server greeted us within the first few minutes after we were seated. I ordered my favorite margarita which is the P37 Margarita which has Herradura Silver Tequila and it’s absolutely fabulous. The one thing I did miss this visit is their signature margarita style glasses. They are now served in a regular tall glass that has their logo on it…maybe too many of the fancy glasses hit the floor one too many times?

We decided to do some starters on this visit. Keep in mind there are other photos from some of our past (but fairly recent) visits in the gallery.

This time we order the guacamole which had just enough spice. My daughter is sensitive to spice and they make it fresh so they can accommodate the level of heat. It comes with the cute little bag of chips;-) 

We also ordered the Colombian Arepa Cakes with roasted pork, citrus Mojo, Queso Blanco and Tomatillo Sauce topped with pickled red onions. While I usually get the P37 House Salad or the Fish Tacos I thought I’d try this one for a change. It had a lot of flavors going on that worked very nice together. The pork was a “tad” on the dry side but otherwise this was a really filling dish. 

We also ordered a corn dog starter which is really an item on the kid’s menu but they can make them an appetizer as well. And there were a lot of them! Ordered with a basket of delicious crispy fries it too was quite the filler. 

But as you can see there is something from all of the Americas and on this night we did experience just that. 

One of my daughter’s favorites is the Chicken quesadillas. They are lightly crispy on the outside with tender chicken pieces smothered in cheese and “light” spices (she asked for them to go light on the spice). They do serve them with pico de gallo.

I also enjoy their fish tacos, plentiful and tasty they have a nice tender and moist whitefish with cabbage slaw, corn salsa and their delicious cilantro lime cream sauce. Then there is a small side salad that comes with that. 


We always enjoy our meals here. There are a lot of “mixed” reviews but we consistently have a good meal here.

The restaurant went through a major renovation a few years ago and can now seat a large capacity of guests. Another really cool addition they do is make Brazilian drinks table side called Caipirinhas. The “Classic” style is made with lime and sugar. They also have strawberry, pineapple and mango. They are made with “Leblon” which is Brazilian Sugar cane grown at an altitude of 1000 meters. 

One thing we did notice is that menu is shrinking even though their dining area has increased. I do miss the wonderful jicama salad with shrimp as well as their enchiladas but my daughter is thrilled that they still have their fabulous mac n cheese (yes they serve mac n cheese) and it’s also made fresh. It’s creamy & smooth and absolutely divine!

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