Futureworld – Character Dinner

Garden Grill is located inside the Land Pavillion on the 2nd floor in the back of the building. It is only opened for dinner but it is a really fun place to dine. Not only is it a unique restaurant but it’s also a character meal…with Chip, Dale, Farmer Mickey and Pluto.

The food at this establishment is served “family style”. Instead of getting up and down having to get your food at a buffet the food is brought to you. And it’s “all you can eat” so make sure to go to this restaurant…hungry!
This is one of our favorite places to dine in Epcot. The characters are a lot of fun and they even spend some time at your table. They are also in dressed in their “Land Themed” outfits. Mickey has his farmer hat and overalls. Chip and Dale have had their overalls on some visits and Pluto, well since he’s a pup he just kinda dresses like he always does, in his best orange fur;-).

Also keep in mind that this restaurant is circular and it actually revolves around and you can actually see some of the scenery from the Land ride as well as here the music and sounds from it if you sit on the “lower” level. You can request this choice when you check in at the hostess stand. You can barely tell you’re moving because it moves very slowly. It takes a good hour to do a complete circle around, so this shouldn’t be bothersome to anyone who doesn’t like movement while they’re dining.

Service is usually pretty good here although we’ve had a few visits where the servers sometimes seem to disappear for long periods of time especially later in the night.

The meal starts off with a basket of baked goods and butter from the finest home baked farm house. Then salad is served and then comes the main meal which changes a bit time to time. It’s usually pretty good. Character interaction is probably the best here because they spend a lot of time with you. 

Kid’s choices are brought out on a separate plate/skillet as well which usually includes chicken tenders, mac n cheese, french fries and a veggie. 

Dessert also changes seasonally but is usually a fruit based dessert like strawberry shortcake and every once in a while apple cobbler. They have different things for the kids like worms in dirt and even chocolate cake (which is really meant for birthdays but if you get lucky they can works some Disney magic and bring out some of that chocolate cake-this happened during one of our lunch experiences:)


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