Magic Kingdom

On this particular day we got in line at Be Our Guest Restaurant around 11:00 and the line wasn’t real bad at this time, it had just curved around the front walkway. I was hearing how the line went all the way down past bridge by this time but not on this day. It moved pretty quick actually.

During the move you pass a menu in a case and then a cast member gives out menus for you to look over thus resulting in less time at the kiosk..well for most anyway;-) You also get to look at some of the interesting statues and Disney imagineer’s masterpieces.

It’s amazing the detail of this restaurant which makes it an attraction in itself. Once inside the doorway the one line separates into 2 lines. I call the next room the “suits of talking armor” room ;-)…and it is just that…a
room of armor suits that talk. The are lined up on both sides of the room…

…you will then come to a room with kiosks for ordering your lunch. You will be directed by a cast member to wait at a particular kiosk. There is usually 1 party of folks that are ordering while you’re waiting your turn. This gives you a chance to peek to figure out the process:-)

Note: One thing I failed to mention earlier for those of you that aren’t aware, Be Our Guest is a quick service/counter service restaurant by day (@ lunch) and a sit down restaurant by night (dinner)…

Before you are directed to a kiosk a cast member will give you a plastic rose which is the size of a hockey puck. And don’t worry about not being sure what to do once you are at the
kiosk as there is a cast member at each kiosk to aid you in the ordering process.

We were able to make modifications on our items. My daughter ordered the Croque Monsieur which is basically ham and cheese sandwich but in fancy terms it is a grilled sandwich of carved ham, Gruyere cheese, and bechamel with Pommes Frites or as we know them, “French Fries”;-).

My daughter did not want the béchamel so we were able to omit that and we could have omitted the cheese too but she was ok with it (never had Gruyere cheese before), but then what’s left so she stuck with the cheese.

I ordered the quiche but wanted the dressing on the side and not on the salad, no problem. You wave your credit card or method of payment (other than cash) in front of the round Mickey light as well as your rose puck after the order is completed. And that’s it…go find a place to sit! (there are a few check outs for those wanting to pay cash but much easier to pay by plastic media here;-)

We actually took a walk through each of the 3 rooms there before deciding where to sit and since it was early we had our choice of sitting in whichever room we wanted. This was about 25 minutes after we first got in line (not so bad at all). Don’t spend too much time wandering though because your order comes out fairly quickly.

Note-it is not as easy to walk around a dinner and take in the sites of the restaurant, since there are many servers walking around taking care of guests PLUS at this time The West Wing and the Ballroom are the only
rooms that are opened at dinner.

Anyhow, once you order you end up walking into the largest room which is the ballroom and it has these beautiful, breathtaking chandeliers and such detailed decor. Not too brightly lit and topped with falling snowflakes by the back windows make it a completely whimsical experience.

I started with the Potato Leek soup (I know, not really a “breakfast” type food but the potato part can be considered that;-) It was very good. It had a nice consistency, creamy with little pieces of potato and a nice light onion flavor to it. It wasn’t too hot, perfect for eating right away. I read about the quiche being bland however I found it quite good. It didn’t have to be heavily seasoned. It was nice and light and pleasing. The crust was soft but not mushy and not overdone. There were mushrooms, peppers, spinach and onions so it had a nice array of veggies in it. The salad was simple, yes, but plentiful. It maybe could have used a few grape
tomatoes or carrot peels to fancy it up a bit but it was fresh baby lettuce.  The dressing was light and creamy with a little “bite” at the end, probably some type of vinaigrette. 

My daughter was contemplating on ordering something from the kids menu as she loves the meaty macaroni but she had it for dinner the night before so as I mentioned earlier she “tried” the croque monsieur. Well being as picky as she normally is, it didn’t fly for her, but we ended up switching 1/2 of our meals with each other. She actually liked my quiche so I ate 1/2 her sandwich and honestly she would have been ok with it if it was served on a more plain type of bread. It is served on a multigrain bread and has the grains in the bread and on the crust. So keep that in mind if you don’t like “grainy” bread this is not for you. I was ok with it, I found it rather tasty. 

It came with french fries which they call pommes frittes. They were ok, a bit on the limp side for me, I’m more of a well done french fries’ person when I eat them which isn’t often.

Oh well, I got to enjoy a few things:-) My daughter also ordered the cupcake, the chocolate one;-) as she is an avid chocoholic, but one thing about my chocoholic daughter, she’s a “picky” chocoholic. No mousse, ganache, pudding like stuff will get a passing grade in her chocolate grading book…this cupcake pretty much had all theabove I’m afraid to say and I have to admit I do like all of those chocolate varieties I mentioned.

I enjoyed the food here and loved the decor and atmosphere. It definitely has that magical feeling to it, almost like a ride/attraction but with eating. I would absolutely return again and would gladly wait in line, my daughter would too, but I think she’d order something else LOL!

I understand they have re-vamped the lunch menu a bit since our visit but this review should still give you a pretty good idea of what it’s like to dine at Be Our Guest for lunch…and I still highly recommend it as it is…magical;-)

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