Lunch – Liberty Square – Magic Kingdom Counter Service

Columbia Harbour House is probably our favorite quick/counter service restaurant in Magic Kingdom. The food is made to order and is quite good for “fast food”.

We have sampled the fabulous Lobster Roll on many occasions which is a nice heaping helping of lobster mixed with a flavorful mayo on a buttery toasted roll. It is also probably one of the best bargains in the Magic Kingdom!

Coming in at a very frugal $14.99 this one is a big winner. You say $14.99 is rather pricey for a quick service restaurant? Not when it comes to lobster…just go to Epcot’s America during Food & Wine. And while their lobster rolls are also quite tasty it can be devoured in less than 2 bites for the bargain price of $8 (or more)…and is tiny, tiny!

This roll packs in at least 3  times the amount of the meaty goodness on a roll much larger than the Epcot FW sampler so in comparison to anywhere else on property it’s a bargain. (and it’s good!!) Yes The Boathouse Lobster Roll is amazing, but it will set you back almost $30.00 so you get what I mean;)

It is tough to try other things when going to this establishment but we have and even though those items were good they just didn’t live up to the fabulous Lobster Roll.

The Anchors Away Sandwich is nice change but it basically just a “run of the mill” tuna salad sandwich. Bring me a Lobster Roll please!

Oh and did I add, home made potato chips, very good as well. I would still like to try the Grilled Salmon or the Shrimp Mac & Cheese but let me just say ….Lobster Roll. Next time maybe we just have to go twice in the same day! LOL!!

This is a highly recommended quick/counter service you will enjoy.

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