Grand Floridian Resort – Supercalifragilistic Character Breakfast


We arrived at our reservation time, but did wait a good 25 minutes until we were seated. Our priority seating time was for 11:00 am . The one nice thing was it wasn’t busy by the time we were seated. It can be a bit crazy at this particular character buffet.

We sat in the middle of the restaurant which wasn’t far from the buffet area. If you’ve never been to 1900 Park Fare, it is quite a large restaurant and has a fairly large buffet area. There is some really cute decor including a huge puppet theater which reminded me a bit of “the Sound of Music”. There are lots of carousel horses as well, so you would expect Mary Poppins to appear at this breakfast, and she does.

On this particular day we also saw Alice In Wonderland, the Mad Hatter who is truly a “hoot” and even Tigger and Winnie the Pooh are here. The characters all seemed to have come around pretty quickly because it was towards the end of the breakfast hours.

Be sure to ask the Mad Hatter if he could get some “butter” for you, just to hear him say that is a riot. Even better, ask him to say “mustard” but be sure he’s not close to your food as he does over enunciate his “S’s”…but he is just a riot!! We love him!!

They will make sure you see all of the characters but expect to see them rather quickly if you are seated at a late time. Although at some of the meals the characters sometimes hang around a bit longer and if they don’t have a parade they’re rushing off too, they may even hang out with you for a while;-)

In any case, the buffet here probably has the largest variety and assortment of any breakfast buffet in Walt Disney World. There’s even an omelette chef who makes omelettes to order, however even at the late hour when we were there, he still was somewhat backed up and it would have been a good wait to get an omelette. I counted 7 people in his line (so I’m sure he makes good omelettes:-)

You can pretty much count on any type of breakfast item here. Most were good, although some could have been a little fresher and some were running rather low. I know we were there late but we had to wait which was obviously no fault of ours but I did book a late time to begin with. Just keep in mind that some things may not be available if you book a late seating. That being said, there were still MANY choices of things to eat. I’m sure if you have your heart set on something that is empty that they’ll try and get it for you if you ask your server.

Following are several photos of the buffet as well as my plate. I am a light eater so you can certainly load your plate with lots of stuff! It was all good. Loved the eggs benedict, yum. There aren’t too many buffets you can find that on in Disney World.

The Bagel Bar has a nice variety of bagels with toasters, plain cream cheese and cream cheese with chives.

The Bread Bar has a nice variety of sweet breads and different breakfast breads with different flavored preserves and jams. There is a Cereal Bar with popular cereals like Froot Loops and Corn Flakes.

There is a special Kids Buffet area with Mickey waffles, eggs with cheese and breakfast pizza

There are pancakes, pastries and french toast with toppings and bacon, breakfast potatoes and breakfast pizza.

I filled my plate with a Chocolate croissant, Mickey waffle, french toast, bacon, eggs benedict, biscuit, egg with cheese. All were delicious. The eggs benedict was my favorite.

I think this buffet has the most extensive variety of tastings. It also gives everyone a chance to try many different things, especially the kids:-) I didn’t feel rushed even though we were there late. Our server was very attentive and refilled our juice and coffee several times.

I definitely recommend this breakfast, but make sure you have a lot of time because we did wait quite a while even though it was later in the morning and off-season.

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