Beach Club Resort


The Beach Club Marketplace is a combination of the Beach Club’s gift & souvenir shop, food market (because of the DVC/Villas) and a quick service restaurant.

We stayed for a night at the Beach Club during “spring break” season on the weekend, so the resort overall was quite busy. We decided to pick up breakfast at the Marketplace, but it was anything but “quick”. It took about 15 minutes to get to the counter area to order.

It is set up like an assembly line so the cast members put your plates together for you. There were Mickey waffles piled quite high in the back so they must have been sitting out for a while. The croissants were also piled up. When I finally got to order our plates and got them I then had to stand in another line to pay for the food. When I finally got back up to the room the food was like cold leftovers. 

Now if we were in the villas and had a microwave we could have heated the food up. Lets just say it looked much better than it tasted. If it were even “warm” who knows, it may have been much better. Should have just gotten a cinnamon bun as they looked good (even cold). But I did manage the get a cupcake which was probably the best move as it was most enjoyable but not really what I prefer for breakfast. The breakfast itself was somewhat of a disappointment.

The highlight of our breakfast was the cupcake!

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