We arrived a bit early for our Whispering Canyon Cafe lunch which is just located off of the beautiful lobby of the Wilderness Lodge. The restaurant has an open concept dining area easily viewed from the lobby area.

This particular restaurant establishment is known for their silly antics. If you plan to dine here you need to have a sense of humor as the most of the wait staff is a bit sarcastic but fun. If you are offended if your server throws straws at you or brings you a “glass” of water in a large water pitcher or even a bucket then this restaurant may not be for you. The best of the best is if you ask for ketchup, be prepared to have another patron from another table bring you several bottles (in some cases there could be 15-20 bottles) that will sit on your table until someone else asks for ketchup. Then be prepared to gather them all up and drop them off at that person’s table. It is a fun place really if you’re looking for random entertainment while you eat;)

We did wait until our reservation time which was about 15 minutes after check-in to be seated. The restaurant was fairly busy but not totally full. We sat right along the edge of the restaurant in a table that was right along the lobby so it made for a nice view.

I started with the Moonshine Margarita. It had a nice kick but was very smooth. Our server was very nice actually – she sat with us when she took our order…but no real loud or obnoxious type of activity to report from her.

I ordered the Grilled Chicken Sandwich – which comes with roasted red peppers and onions, fresh greens, and olive-herb goat cheese spread. Fresh made chips accompanied this sandwich. The roll it was served on had a sweet flavor to it which complimented the tangy goat cheese. It was good.

My daughter ordered the quesadillas which they don’t always have. I think it depends on the season. But they are really good. They had a nice smokey flavor to them with just a little spice. And they were topped with some type of avocado sauce. Wish they had them all the time. I think they just took them off the menu which is a bummer, hopefully they’ll make a comeback.

We were ready to call it a day when I server said we could not leave without having their famous dessert…the Wagon Wheel Chocolate S’mores with Warm Dark Chocolate Sauce and Marshmallow Gelato…she brought us one on the house!! OH can I say what a treat it was. A sweet and savory plate of goodness. It tasted as good as it looked! The thick mini waffle was soft and tender and melted in your mouth and the gelato was light yet creamy topped with that chocolate fudge sauce…can I just say you got to get yourself one of these if you dine here!

We enjoy lunch here. It is a nice escape from the parks and is easily accessed from the Magic Kingdom by a nice boat ride.

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