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Via Napoli


We dine here on a regular basis and it’s very consistent.

This dining review was my from my experience the first time I ordered the personal sized Prosciutto e Melone pizza.

What an amazing combination of flavors. I would never think something like this would be so good, but it was, better than good, it was excellent! The crust was divine, I could eat it alone and dip it in olive oil. Anything on this crust would be great. It’s so soft yet had a bite to it. It was topped with a light amount of fresh mozzarella (I almost think it was buffalo mozzarella) and then topped with arugula and a few small slices of cantaloupe, just enough, much more would be over-powering. And then topped with several fresh slices of prosciutto that were warmed but not cooked. This combination is so unique, nothing like I’ve ever tasted before.

The saltiness of the prosciutto and sweetness of the melon and the slight bitterness of the arugula and richness of the mozzarella was a like a party in you mouth. All that on top of the most amazing pizza crust was just heaven.

The most unfortunate thing was I could only eat half of it and my daughter doesn’t like all that fun going on when it comes to pizza. I carried around my leftovers hoping to salvage them but it was out too long so I had to dump them, I could cry, I have actually been having cravings for this pizza!

However since the first time I ordered this we learned that we can order a large pizza and get half with the Prosciutto e Melone toppings and my daughter can do the Margarita or the Quattro Formaggi (cheese) on the other half and what a wonderful option this is!

Also love the Arancini, this is a “must do” for my daughter every visit and the Insalato del Contadino is a fabulous salad. On some visits I have ordered this with the Gamberetti e Fagioli and it makes a wonderful meal! (on that rare occasion that we don’t order the pizza;)

The theming of this restaurant is is quite remarkable and fits in so nicely within the Italy pavilion. Through the entrance way as you approach the hostess podium the place is overwhelming with so many things to look at all around you. There are tons of windows so it is very open. But the first thing I couldn’t help but notice was this colorful chandelier hanging from the ceiling in the foyer area.

We love this restaurant and go quite often (did I say that already!)

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